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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Prop on,Canopy on, Fuel added and engine started.

A big day today and an excuse to celebrate the progress made thus far.  Propeller was installed and the new canopy installed making it look more like the "Quickie" it should be.  Fuel added and an extensive check for any leaks with none found.  I only put in 5 gallons into the main central tank and then used the fuel transfer pump to pump about 1.5 gallons into the header tank.  Again a check and no leaks found.  Tied down the tail and got into the drivers seat at last.  Master, mag's, mixture, throttle, and fuel on.  She started up after about five revolutions and settled into a nice purr.  I am very pleased with how this total rebuild has gone.  Now numerous days of taxi testing, checking out brakes, turning, steering and engine temperatures and pressures.

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