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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Camrose Alberta Annual Fly in Breakfast

This fly in event is an annual gathering put on by the town of Camrose Alberta.  They put on a fabulous breakfast spread which attracts pilots from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  The fly in event is so popular that they had aprox. 115 registered aircraft arrivals this month.  They appear to get half the town out for this as was noted by the long line ups for a bite to eat.  Weather was the best that it could be for the event and the flying conditions were ideal.  Daytime temp was 20c, flew up at 5500 and back at 6500, ground speed was 125 mph in mostly smooth air.  Was nice to see some friends I have not seen in a while and the canard aircraft attracted quite the interest.

The organizers were kind enough to put our three canard aircraft near front-centre for everyone to see and they got a lot of looks.
 My friend Joel flew his Cozy Mk4 with our group of three aircraft out of Springbank Alberta.
 A local friend Matt who is a Q1 owner just bought this Longez and flew up with us.
 A friend from Three Hills Alberta just finished his RV8 and joined in.
Casut racer from Villeneuve Alberta.

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