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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fun flight for lunch

We organised a fun flight to Red Deer Alberta for a lunch once again.  I was joined by my friend Joel in his "Cozy Mk 4" and had a visit from another friend up from Lethbridge in his Q2 with a Turbo Subaru engine.  Reg's airplane is a beauty but we missed each other on this trip by a mere 15 minutes.  We will get together later and I will supply some pictures of his plane.

A great chance to burn off a bit of 100LL fuel and see how my plane is performing.  I was very pleased with the how my Q2 is operating.  There are only two small repair items that have to be attended to and they has now been completed.  One was tightening up a mounting point for my trim system and the other a test of  my tracking system to find out why my APRS transmission is interfering with my engine monitor display.  We had  a great flight with 25 km wind from the NW and only scattered cloud up around 8000 feet.    This flight was at 6500 feet each way and the flight time was 45 minutes each way.  Joel mentioned he could not spot my plane as he was gaining on me from behind.  Considering I have a strobe on top and on the belly of the plane that is a surprise to me although I know my surface area is extremely small.  I just love flying this airplane with it's sensitive fingertip control and fabulous view out of the large bubble canopy.

Click this link to see map of trip:
More coming soon.

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