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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fourth Cross Country Test Flight (Canada)

Saturday October 22/16 we organized a trip to Medicine Hat Alberta (elev 2350 rwy 5000 ft) for lunch.  This would be my fourth and longest cross country trip  so far and would give me an opportunity to test out the Q2 for a longer engine run time.  For this flight I also would be carrying more fuel and this would allow me to test at higher weight and enable another fuel consumption calculation.  Empty weight is 628 lbs with all my regular travelling items on board..  My airplane gross weight is listed at 1100 lbs but that I believe is not practical for our 4000 ft elevation so I am using 1000 lbs as my realistic gross weight, (aircraft was originally from a sea level airport).   This flight had my full weight at 913 lbs and the fuel on board would allow 4.0 hours flight time and still have 30 min reserve remaining.  Later flights will test the actual weight carrying ability by gradual increases of sandbag weight.   I departed Springbank CYBW (3960 ft) and after a standard departure procedure I was able to have a requested flight altitude of 7500 ft.  Two other aircraft flew nearby in radio contact to watch over me and this once again made me feel very relaxed.  Air flight time on this trip ended up being 1.4 hr to Medicine Hat and 1.7 hr returning.  I was very happy with the performance of the engine since top overhaul and again I was happy to see temps and pressures staying in the normal range.  A new bug to fix since this flight is my wind sealing around canopy edges.  Outside temp I am guessing was +1C at 7500 ft and I got cold air coming in, the new cabin heat I  installed worked very well but the outside air leaks will have to be weather stripped.  Of course I knew this would probably be required but I like to torture myself a bit first.  Flight home was at 6500 ft and enjoyable at a slower ground speed as I plodded directly into the headwind.  Cockpit was warmer in the afternoon and occasional direct sun really warmed up the cozy little space.  This flight fuel consumption I calculated at 4.1 gal per hour including all start up and taxi use.  I am not leaning aggressively as I want a little fuel cooling of the cylinders during ring seating. 

We had a fabulous turnout for lunch with fourteen great people and eight airplanes.

C-195 Brian, Cherokee 235 Bob, Citabria Logan, Cavalier Stu, Bushcaddy Glen, RV3 Alan, Cozy MK4 Joel.

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