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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vortex Generators Installed

"Stolspeed" brand of Vortex Generators
These vg's are made of very thin clear plastic with rounded edges that are safe to the touch. They are installed using a very thin layer of 3M pressure sensitive glue that comes in a easy to install sheet. The installation of the vortex generators is complete.  They are installed on the canard which is the GU wing version.  The vg's are installed as per the install instructions from the Quickie Corporation original documents with angles and spacing as were recommended.  I was given advice from other Q2 owners to install as per the original design instead of using the aluminium vg's that some are using. The aluminum vg's did not offer as dense a coverage as the original design.  My installation uses more vg's and therefore has a bit more drag but offers better lift when the front canard is contaminated with rain or bugs.  You will notice these are installed at the 50% chord (for improved laminar flow) of the wing and not at a forward position as vg's are often installed for better stall characteristics.

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