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Monday, May 6, 2013

Engine Rebuild in 2013

Engine Rebuild
The Quickie Q2 came with a REVMASTER 2100D 65 HP engine in it.  There was no information in the log books that detailed the condition of the engine or the latest overhaul time.  A record of all oil changes and annuals was continually updated in the aircraft log book.  Vague information in the log book informed that the engine had some maintenance completed on it about 20 hours prior.  No details of work completed were recorded and surface rust condition of engine made me suspect.  Since no details were available on the engine we decided that it was prudent to overhaul the top end and inspect the lower end.  The engine was from the west coast and so surface rust was apparent on the cylinder heads and on various engine parts.  Full record keeping of the airframe , engine and propeller will be kept going forward as we do on all airplanes we work on.  We made contact with Joe at Revmaster Aviation and he was most helpful in setting us up with parts to upgrade the  engine.   New Cylinder heads, new automotive spark plugs that go with the new style of Cylinder heads (larger intake and exhaust valves are on this new C-head), new piston rings for all four cylinders, push rod tube seals, spark plugs, Intake manifold gaskets, Exhaust gaskets, and a pair of new style rocker covers.  Revmaster states that the HP will increase with the new cylinder heads about 7 hp or slightly greater and we should be close to 75 HP.

Original heads are shown below using the smaller diameter intake and exhaust valves.  Old style heads used the aircraft spark plugs and new heads use automotive NKG plugs.  These heads required removal of the whole rocker arm setup to be able to remove the lower plugs.  The new heads don't require the removal of the rocker arms to access the lower spark plugs.

Surface rust was present on the outer and inner surfaces of the cylinders

The bottom end of the engine was inspected with a boroscope and everything looked good.  The top end was a complete rebuild with cylinders checked and honed.  All parts cleaned up and new rings gaskets, seals and new style heads installed.  New style valve covers were installed and the magneto was serviced, timed and a new set of auto plug leads installed by Revmaster in California.